How cool is it to say that our company was given the opportunity to clean the Arizona Cardinal‘s Area Rug! This extremely large rug was picked up by two technicians and brought back to our warehouse. First, we vacuumed this rug with a commercial grade vacuum to remove dirt and other particles that have accumulated within the area rug fibers. Many people do not realize that if you never vacuum these loose, dry particles your rug will start to decay earlier than you would expect. Our technician then cleaned this rug using our truck mounted, hot water extraction cleaners with a neutral rinse which provides a zero residue finish. This means that we do not leave any soap residue in the area rug fibers and it is nice and soft to the touch after it dries. For such a large area rug our technician decided to use a Zipper wand to complete the cleaning. A Zipper is a specialty commercial cleaning wand. Our company is always looking for ways to improve the services we provide our customers. Using top of the line equipment and new technology as it becomes available is one if those ways in which we can improve. This Zipper wand gives us the ability to clean at least 30% faster than regular rotary extractors and to be able to dry carpeting 35% faster than conventional wands. This will also help reduce spot wicking in wall to wall carpet. We are a five star company and want to earn your business for life, not just for one job. If you have questions about our products, techniques or services please call our office at 480-360-4455. Our staff can provide those answers, a free over the phone estimate or if you are ready to have us out to your home we can set up your appointment reservation.