Rug Odor Removal

Rugs are magnets for odor. The rug fibers in your rug will absorb the smell of  smoke, pet urine, wet fur, and many other types of aromas.

odorGetting these odors out of your rug can be hard for those who are DIY inclined. While temporary removal of these odors can be achieved it normally doesn’t last very long.

The odors always come back because off-the-shelf cleaners are simply not powerful enough to totally eliminate these odors for good.

We can guarantee that these odors will be eliminated once and for all. Kiss Those Odors Goodbye! Phoenix Rug Cleaning is the industry leader in odor removal! We can remove any odor that is present in your rug.

You can trust that your rug will be well-taken care while it’s at our shop! Our rug cleaning specialists are experienced professionals who will treat your rug with the utmost respect.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. That’s it! You can then kick your feet up as our rug cleaning specialists come to your home, pick up your rug, work their magic and bring it back to you smelling fresh as a daisy.

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