Color Run Removal

Color run more commonly known as dye “bleeding” happens from time to time. There is a variety of reasons to why this happens.


Some rugs may have received dye after being weaved. Other rugs may have had dyes that were not applied properly in the first place.

Regardless to the reason why your rug is experiencing color run, you can rest assured knowing that Phoenix Rug Cleaning can fix your color run problem.

How Does Phoenix Rug Cleaning Fix Color Run?

We use our proprietary blend of cleaning agents to remove the running dye without damaging the rug fiber.

Our proprietary blend is perfect for removing the most common dyes available on the market today.

Our rug cleaning specialists are experts when it comes to applying our proprietary cleaning agents to your rug. Our rug cleaning specialists have years of experience, the proper training, and the skills required to treat your color run issues.

All of our rug cleaning and rug repairs are done at our facility to ensure access to the specialized tools needed to work on your rug. You don’t have to worry about your rug because it is safe with us!

Phoenix Rug Cleaning can restore your rug back to its original beauty today! All it takes is one phone call!

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