Moth Proofing

The moth, often seen as a harmless creature in nature is actually quite dangerous to one item in particular, wool.


Moth larvae in particular love to dine on anything wool, including rugs. The reason why they like to eat wool is because it contains keratin. This is mainly what moth larvae eat during the first few weeks of life.

Keratin is made up of fibrous structural proteins that can be found in hair, wool, cashmere or anything animal based. So how do you stop moths from eating your prized possession?

That’s easy! Call Phoenix Rug Cleaning! We can stop moths from ruining your rug!

What Do We Use?

Phoenix Rug Cleaning only uses commercially available moth repellents certified safe to use by the EPA. Our primary concern is to keep our customers happy and healthy above all else.

Pyrethrins, the active ingredient in moth repellents, are commonly found in pet shampoo. This should give you an idea to how safe it is.

Our mothproofing service is highly effective at stopping moth larvae from feasting on your rug!

Prevention Helps

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Prevention will go a long way in helping to stop a moth larvae infestation.

The best way to stop your rug from being damaged is to inspect your rug on a regular basis. Look for signs of damage such as:

  • Loose fibers resting on top of the rug pile
  • Cocoons
  • Living larvae on top and under your rug
  • Fly adult moths in your home

The moths don’t stand a chance when prevention is combined with our rug cleaning and mothproofing service!

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