Hand Or Dry Rug Cleaning

Are you the owner of a silk rug? Are you afraid to get your rug cleaned? Are you worried about a rug cleaning company ruining your prized possession.

We understand why you might have reservations about the rug cleaning process, so we are here to help clear the air.

Phoenix Rug Cleaning is the best rug cleaning company in the valley hands down.  With decades of experience in the rug cleaning and rug repair business, we know the proper way to take care of your rug.

Hands-On Cleaning

Silk rugs and other fragile rug fibers are not like your typical rug. They require a different cleaning process.

We utilize a dry rug cleaning process to clean your silk rug. This means that our highly trained rug cleaning specialists will clean your rug by hand to ensure that your rug is treated with the TLC that it deserves.

After your rug is cleaned by hand, we dry it on our drying rack. We then return it to you looking brand new!

No other rug cleaning company in the valley can give you the quality, expertise, affordability and customer service that we can.

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