Luster Wash

Do you wish that you could bring back the vibrancy of your wool rug? Most wool rugs today go through an initial luster wash before they are sold to the public.

This is done to soften the feel of the wool pile and add sheen to the fiber. After years of use, some wool rugs can lose some of its sheen.

A luster wash will restore a nice sheen to your wool rug while softening it at the same time.

My Rug Needs A Luster Wash, What Do I Do?

We handle this process from beginning to end! All you have to do is sit back and relax! After you call Phoenix Rug Cleaning, our rug cleaning specialists will come to your home and pick up your wool rug.

We promise to take care of your rug, from the time we pick it up to the time we bring it back to you.

We pick up your wool rug because all of our specialized tools needed for rug cleaning and rug repair are located at our shop.

You don’t have to worry because your wool rug is in safe hands. Our rug cleaning specialists are highly trained technicians and treat every single rug as if it were their own.

After your wool rug receives the luster wash, we will dry it on our rug drying rack. After everything is all said and done, we return your wool rug to you safe and sound. Just like we promised.

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