Today we delivered this beautiful, hand-made, Stark, area rug to our customer in Sun Lakes. Purchased in 1983 this 35 year old, 9’x12′ rug has been a beloved staple piece in her home. Stark is a well-known company in the design industry with 80 years of experience, originating from New York. Each of their rugs are hand-made by highly skilled artisans.

Upon evaluation we saw that the rug was in need of more than just cleaning. Over time the rug had developed some wrinkles making it somewhat misshapen and it was also in need of new Serging. To flatten the rug and restore it’s shape we use a technique called Rug Blocking. This is where our technician flips the rug over, attaches it to a board, and stretches it out to make it as flat as possible. Serging is where we continuously wrap the edge of a rug with yarn giving it a tailored look.

Cleaning high quality area rugs is best done by a trusted and certified company. Call us for a free, over the phone estimate.