We picked up this area rug recently for cleaning and possible repair.  Our customer had the rug rolled up stored in the garage.  When he unrolled it, he noticed some discoloration.  We identified the discoloration to be water stains.  Initially, the customer asked if we can simply cut down the rug from it’s original 9’x12′ size to a 7’x9′.  Once we picked up the rug, we knew it was a hand-knotted wool rug.  If we were to cut this rug, the edges would be weak and could not guarantee the new binding would stay on.

The good news is, we believe the water stains will clean out with our hand washing service.  First it will go through an industrial duster, then a full immersion hand wash bath of the front and back.  It will then go through an industrial ringer and hung to air dry.  We also include pick up and delivery!

We will post an updated photo of the ending result once the service for this rug is completed! Come back soon!