We recently repaired this custom area rug for a customer in Scottsdale, AZ.  The customer was thinking about cutting up one of her other rugs to use as a remnant to fill in the hole.  Our recommendation was to let us restore the rug using fibers we have in house.  We couldn’t guarantee it would be an exact match, but whether we cut up her other rug, or filled it in, you would be able to see the repair.  So it made more sense not to cut up another rug and just let us do our best at a repair.

The customer was very hesitant but allowed us to do what we thought was best.  A few days later, we emailed her these photos to show her the results.  She couldn’t have been happier!  She was so grateful for our patience and advise that she had us come back to pick up 4 more area rugs
to work on!